A week of feedback

So I wanted to thank everyone involved in making the game better, be it posting comments, videos or just linking it to a friend.

I certainly feel like the game got a very needed upgrade over the last week because of that. Here is some of what has been fixed, added or changed over this week  from version 0.114 to 0.125

  • changed the start of the first level (and the prologue overall) for easier understanding of the basic mechanics
  • FOV slider
  • animated tutorials
  • better hitboxes
  • more visual feedback (last remaining enemies location, abilities cooldown, kick cooldown, current health, etc...)
  • mouse wheel to switch weapon
  • black "smoke" bug fixed
  • pistol teleport is now stable
  • list of objectives left at the end of the level
  • sound mixing fixed
  • plus other minor fixes and changes

Looking at the feedback from the players it does seem that the frustration has been toned down, it was where I was the most unsure about and over time the frustration has been less present from update to update.

Making the timer optional

Still thinking about making the timer optional or not. I do like to have options in games, but this one change can have a huge effect on how the game is played.


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Jan 25, 2019

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