A downloadable game for Windows

A single player shooter focused on muscle memory and improving yourself over time by learning the levels and finding the best routes.

No procedural levels or enemy placement.  You wont have to wait for the game to finally give you a good run, its all on you.

No luck, all skill.

Have fun with the demo, if you like it find it more about it on Steam!


I will also eventually sell a DRM Free version here, so if that is more your thing you can wait for it.

For the community of Itch, thank you


AllDayDyingDemo.7z 2 GB

Development log


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Hey, I don't know if you check this anymore, but I don't know a better way to get a hold of you. I've noticed that there is a bug in both the demo and steam version for me, where when I click, it doesn't always register. This is most noticeable with the pistol, where I'm often frantically clicking. I've also noticed this bug with another unreal game, trepang2, so I believe that this isn't something on my end.  Unfortunately, this makes the game pretty unplayable. Have you received any other complaints based on this?

I still come here. This version is certainly outdated but yeah, never got that bug or heard anyone with it so it certainly isn't fixed if it's there.

Does the game run stable, and is it the only bug you got? How about in the menus?

I really have no idea what it might be, that aspect of the game is very basic to mess it up, and like you said, another UE4 game gives you the same problem (although another smaller indie title so it may be an issue caused by dev inexperience).

I will research about it for sure but I can't guarantee that it will be fixed as I have no way of testing it if it's fixed or not, and have very few leads to go on in to what may be causing the issue.

In the meantime ask for a refund, if I find what it is I will message you here.

Other than that, the game runs great, and I haven't noticed anything in the menus. I did notice this issue with another mouse in the demo about a year ago, but I don't really have any more info to give you.

HI there-My name is Nick Torchia, I am biz dev for a new indie publisher.  Your game looks pretty awesome, wondering if you can share your email address or website to get a hold of you.  I am interested in perhaps helping you bring this to consoles



Hello, Nick

Without getting into details I am not aiming for a console release yet, it is possible but I will have to first make sure that the PC release goes as smooth as possible.

But we can stay in touch for when that time comes, here is my email.


Thank you for taking interest in my game.

Hello.. Can i know the minimum requirements for this game? and the recommended requirements.

Honestly still dont have a clear idea on that, if your pc is weak it would be a nice way to get a bit more info on that.

It has visual settings so if you try I would appreciate if you could give some feedback in regards to performance.


32bit ?

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well, yes, its how I exported

I can export at 64 too, if you want

export at 64bit plz. 


Heya super fun game im going to be posting feedback throughout my game plays but here is one bug i found 

When i fiddled with the video settings, it basically froze when i tried to make it custom i closed it by alt tabbing, right clicking and pressing close. When i started the game again the cursor wouldn't be able to accurately select the menu options as it leaned to the right or left of the said option will give video evidence in future.

Super fun game, definitely think it could be useful for aim training, here's some feedback.

  • Increase visibility and readability for enemies, their heads sometimes blend in to their bodies while they are rolling/dodging and the animations are a bit hard to read. Possibly add full bright models/force color settings like quake?
  • I think dodging patterns could be a little more interesting, AD spamming like a real player would in games like quake/rtcw/db would be cool and with the combination of head shot's it feels perfect. Essentially the dodging should be a bit faster than what it is now, especially because the TTK is  so low for most enemies.
  • I'm not sure if you'd be willing to change weapon balance but, having to slow down in-order to consistently hit shots at longer ranges doesn't feel very fun to me in such a fast paced game.  The Full-Auto weapon feels like it has too much spread the bursts you have to do for accurate shots are too short, maybe make it take longer for the spread to take effect. If not maybe add a tracking weapon that is 100% accurate?
  • This might already be planned but projectile weapons like a rocket launcher or plasma gun and enemies to mid air would be super fun.

A few things I think you could do to improve the game.

  • Reduce the damage from enemy shotguns (They can be very frustrating, especially when you increase the difficulty. It could just be me)
  • On the first level, I think you should expand the yellow rectangle where you "slide jump" off all the way to the edge in the front of the block (When I first started playing, I thought you were supposed to jump right on the rectangle. It took me a while to realize you were supposed to jump off the edge)
  • A boss could be pretty cool, but i'm not sure how you could implement it into the game. It might ruin the fast pace of the game as a whole.

Overall, one of my favorite games. It's very fast paced and the graphics are amazing. Also, are you gonna add a price to the game on steam once it's completed? If so, how much will it be?

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I am thinking of having the last level of each chapter be a bit more like a boss fight, in the last one of the demo has one but while it kind of works as a different kind of fight I don't feel like it succeeded as an actual bossfight.

When I finish the game I'm thinking of 9,99$. The remaining content would be two chapters that introduce more new stuff (new look for each, new enemies and weapons) and the epilogue (remixes of previous maps so that the player can experience them differently with all the weapons and enemy types).

Plus I may actually add a small story to it, a cutscene that plays at the start and end of each chapter to give a bit of context and an overall progression to the game. Wasn't planning on that but kind of figured it out that it might not be hard to implement and it will be fun to do while adding something that was lacking in the game for some players.

I was just wondering, the higher the difficulty goes, does the aggressiveness of enemies also go up? 

their behavior does not change, the time it takes for them to kill you does.

in the end they are rather dumb and predictable.

the things that change with difficulty are:

  •  the duration of the level
  • the time it takes for them to kill the player
  • the player health
  • the duration of the combo
  • a slight change it scoring for each enemy

the experience is very similar but it does change a lot how fast you have to react and the overall pace of the game. It exists mostly for that reason alone, to give a chance to players to feel challenged again after getting good at the game with having the game demand more out of the player, not necessarily to give something different. That's why I didn't bother much with changing their behavior.

a bit of a long ass response but might as well give a bit of a backstage approach to it and explain all that happens and my reasoning behind it.

you tried raising it? never got to know if anyone tried it, I play the game on the hardest when making new levels since i'm already very used to it and know all of what is going on, but other then two friends of mine I never saw it.


After I finished all the levels I tried raising the difficulty, mainstream isn't that hard, but ultimate makes even the 2nd level seem impossible. 

This game feels very smooth! Although it really makes me wish for a slide kick, and doing slide shooting feels very hard to pull off in certain levels which also makes me wish for bullet time to get the aim right.


yeah, the slide killing objective in the second level isnt the best, I'll put it on a level with the machinegun (has bullet-time) or shotgun (easy one shot kills if close), with the pistol its annoying how its either by headshot (hard while sliding) or wounding the enemy first (dull and still not outright easy)

I've noticed that I can't rename the folder if I've launched the game beforehand. I get a error message stating that one of the files is still open. It looks like one of the files isn't closing properly, or something similar.

Other than that, great game. Are you planning on putting it on steam when its completed?

try restarting the pc  or downloading it again, you can re-use the saves to keep playing from where you left.

\Celled\Saved\SaveGames, do not copy the file "GameSettings".

then yeah, once its fully done I'll put it on steam

Chapter 1 is gettin pretty tough 😳

Why does it send me to the itch io website when i press play?

Never used the itch app, installed it and tried to run the game there, it did go to the website when I first tried, but now after that it seems to run the game fine.

I did change one thing, I forgot to check that it was a windows executable in this version so it might be that, now it will probably work well

best fps arcade game 2019

Why does the last enemy never come out of hiding? I love the gamplay but the fact that i usualy run out off time when there is only one enemy left annoys me greatly plz fix.

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Added a feature for version 126, press R to ping the remaining enemy locations.

It will trigger automatically when there are 4 left.

Will add the rebind in the options for this feature, and will make the automatic ping be optional on another update soon.

Thank you paul, very cool.


This is definitely a really good demo! Loving the game. This is the type of game I love to play. I would love to include this studio in my new indie games and studio Discord server. Contact me at NightFromTheWest12#1874 on discord if you would like to join.


I fell in love with this game nearly instantly!  Can't wait to try out some more chapters, keep up the great work! 

maybe make the game so that you can host a game using lan 

and you can connect to that game using a ip address of the computer that is running the host server 

if you did this it would be a very good game (but it is already)


Wonderful game!!! love the the super hot vibe and the fast pace of it. There was a some bugs when i was recording my gameplay like a black fog enveloping the area but it was still amazing 

hmmm, I saw a video where the player has the same issue. It only happened once and I never saw it happen before with anyone else, really suprised me has I have no idea what it might be, it seemed to follow an enemy. If its recorded could you send me the video to help me understand what it might be?


sure ill send an un edited clip of it it but from what i seen it seemed to have only happened from the turrets in chapter 1

here's the video of the errors ocurring 



its was on the same level, and i can now pinpoint its source.

its the sniper, still dont know exactly why.

when he reaches a certain "accuracy level" he flashes a strong beam of red light (you can hear it too), there is one sniper inside the room at the end of the first hall and one at the end of the long corridor. You can even see the black stuff coming out at the height of a character.

its one of those things that if I was making a pixelated horror game I couldnt make it work if I tried, and here it is, some black misterious fog chasing the player around, eheh.


Had a blast with this. Loved the music, pace, simplicity, and gunplay. Found some issues tracking down final enemies in some levels and the jumping/slide-jumping felt a little too jarring to use with much success.

Thanks for making this and hope to see more of it :)

thanks for playing.

The final enemies issue is something that I need to take care off eventually, in some levels it can be a common issue

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All Day Dying is a very interesting game. The gunplay and unique health mechanics take a lot of getting used to, but once the player does it is a blast. The music is decent and fits the feel of the game, the level design--though a little rough--is solid, and the parkour works pretty well. However, the trial courses suck. An overall solid, if very repetitive, experience.

Full Review

The parkour mechanics are smooth, reminiscent of games like Dirty Bomb or even its predecessor, BRINK. They can be a little janky though, and the system could certainly be improved. There are a number of details that just make it slightly weird, such as an inability to kick during a slide, or how some of the momentum feels artificial, such as the player reaching the edge of something while sliding and suddenly stopping dead in their tracks on a surface a few inches below.

As for the guns, I really do appreciate the limited number of weapons available in the game. Each serves their purpose, one more suited to certain situations than others. The pistol is good for close to mid-range combat against a couple of enemies; the shotgun is useful in close-quarters, particularly against a group of clustered enemies or an enemy within jump-boost range;  the rifle is useful for ranged combat against a single enemy; etc. There could be a couple more though, or at least some more fine-tuning done to the current ones or to the levels they belong to. As an example, the rifle on the train level is next to useless, the pistol better served for every situation on that level. It's only purpose is for that one sniper in the starting area and to achieve the diamond score. Also, the kick-back for the pistol is just a little too strong. It feels like it is meant for rapid-fire at mid-range, yet the huge kick-back makes the weapon only a little more useful in that regard than the machinegun.


Moving on to the basic game mechanics, the things that really try to get the main idea of the game across, there is the timer and the medals. Now, the timer is a bit of a mixed-bag. On the one hand, it makes the player try to optimize their routes to accommodate it, and for the majority of levels the timer really works to push the player without deciding the routes for them. But on other hand, it can negate the whole idea of "finding the most optimal route," particularly in the later levels, since the only one there is time for is running around firing like a mad-man, allowing "gamer instinct" rather than logical reasoning and experiments to decide the best route.

As for the medals, for the most part they are fine-tuned to the levels, fair yet challenging and making sense for the levels they appear in (though this is not always the case; e.g. "platformer" on Factory). I really appreciate that not every medal has to be earned on the same run, or has to be earned individually: A player can get a really low score and still get a context medal, and a player can—usually—complete every medal on the same run if they are good enough. A notable exception to the latter rule is the train, where the player has to complete the level once without firing a single shot, and then again by getting 8 headshot kills in a row. However, this is not really a bad thing, since these "forced multi-run" levels are handled tastefully and used sparingly. Overall, the medals are actually fun, very few of them feeling like a chore or repeated from earlier levels.


The levels themselves tend to be well-designed and work with the mechanics of the game to create a fluid experience. The levels can be a bit rough around the edges, such as platforms being just a little too high to jump up to or a little too far for a long-jump, though there is nothing specific I can really point out.  As for the style of the levels, this could do with some variety, as the orange and black aesthetic can get tiresome after a while. It feels like a color scheme that works for something artificial, like it was crafted not to look pretty but to be practical, such as for a training course.

The only aspect of the game I really have no positive feedback on is the trial courses in the prologue. The player can only really use a pistol or a kick to take them down, as the only other weapon that can knock targets down is the shotgun's secondary fire. This on its own would not be a problem, but then every target has to be shot multiple times before they go down, and the number of times is inconsistent. This would also not be too big of an issue, but then the type of targets are also randomized, meaning there is no way to memorize which to shoot. This is a huge issue, as it goes against the very design philosophy of the game: No procedural generation or random spawns. It does not matter if the positions of the targets are still the same, the fact that the type of target changes means there is no way to plan an optimal route. It is impossible to work on muscle memory, as the trial courses randomization requires the player to stop and check. The player just has to go in and hope for the best.

As a whole, All Day Dying has an interesting premise with a good game to back it up. I look forward to seeing how this game develops in the future.

Very appreciated by your review, I agree on many points (you do make a very good point on the trials, it wont be something I will be changing soon as there are other priorities, like making it easier for the player to understand the game mechanics and be into the right mindset for the game, but I should take into account making some changes to that).

And the timer, I like the pressure of the race against time, but honestly you are right, that pressure is overwhelming so the player does feel the need to be a mad-man. I will make the timer optional and off by default, as an added difficulty and pressure for anyone that feels like it has conquered the game. It would basically make it a speed run mode of sorts.

Really liked your review because you clearly justified why you didnt like certain design choices, and for that I will take them very much into account.

Kind of weird, seems like I am reviewing a review, but yeah, I can see you did put a good effort into the game and your critique, so I should really say thank you, and thank you for playing.

Have a bug!!!

heh you have too much spare time


I checked out your game. I found it interesting and fun  to play. For a demo it felt very complete and very fluid

I had some small details about fixes you could look into, small interactions with the menu options, some of the controls and weapon swapping during game play were tricky

Keep at it and I hope you enjoy my trips and fails in the video :D

have a great day!

Thanks, im gonna try to make to make the tutorials more interesting and easier to learn,  trying to add a small window inside the pop-up that plays a short 5 second video exampling the situation, so no necessary need to read a wall of text, while making the player a bit more interested in seeing the tutorial (I hope)


Went for it again, with version 118, and survived for a few levels. Please buff the rifle in the train level. :)


Heyyy, very nice concept. But, weapon recoil in insane for game like this. I have lot of hours COD experience, BF1 500 hours, CS many many hours, PUBG 1400 hours, and your game is very very fast and recoil is high, ofc this is only my opinion. maybe for some players is fun but idk man :( GL anyway ^^ i spend 1+ hour and im ragequit :d P.S. sorry my bad English ))


and also aim is only white and is hard to see. enemy also white and cant see where i aim. maybe add color variations. or make more big aim :S

yeah, im gonna add a border to it


So I have to start out by saying that the game has been updated since my recording and that this is really amazing despite my criticisms. I'm in love with the movement and speed of the game, but there's a lot the game does not communicate well. First was the tutorial. I think I had the most deaths in there than any other room. Considering how many things go into the movement in this, allowing the player to come to terms with the systems in an area without the risk of death would be a huge help in starting out. Second is heath, the danger indicator is nice, but I don't know if that means I have 1 or 10 hits left, and it's damn hard to tell if I've even taken damage until that warning shows up. In a game about split second decision making, knowing how much I can risk is an important bit of info that's missing. Next is the enemy introductions. While the game is fin in the sense that the standard enemy type is something you'll come to know very quickly, it took me several deaths to figure out that turrets were even present. Like I said earlier, this is the foundation to an amazing shooter, but it's missing a lot of communication and conveyance that would make it a far less jarring experience. Looking forward to seeing this farther down the line!

The 117 version now has a tutorial to explain the health indicator in your hud. Like you said, the communication is lacking so far, and it really is a problem that I'm trying to fix. The health indicator was already there but its not a very obvious one, Im thinking of changing it.

Your video does seem to show another issue with graphics, the textures dont seem to be loading properly. Gonna have to check that too.

Thanks for the feedback.


You've got a damn fine proof of concept here, keep up the great work and best of luck to you!

Updated the first level to be easier to understand some game mechanics.


Yeah We will second the not being able to make that first long jump without kicking, but it is a really nicely designed game.  Have you thought about a health meter?  Would help the player know how much hp they have...   All in all a very fun game!! 


Gave it the ol' college try but long jumps apparently are not my forte. 

The previous commenter said something about not being able to jump while sliding, gonna check that out, so far from everyone that played that never happened. Are you able to do that?

Also, you can double jump. Im gonna change the map so that the player learns about that instead of guessing that the game has it. 

If its none of that then I dont know, I may add a platform that gets turned on at the second failed jump so that the player doesnt need to do it there. Its not a necessary mechanic throughout the game, its just something that is good for the player to know he can do it (it does come in handy from time to time but its not mandatory like it is now in the first level).

Either way, thanks, I'll tweak it.

Wait, double jump? Well... heck.. that would have made things easier. :| 

Welp, its already being taken care off, now you go through a part of the map first so that you learn about it.

Game slightly improved by your feedback, thanks.

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I really like the game it has very good level design.

one feedback I can give is sliding and jumping combo,  it feels little bit late. when I slide ı want to jump before sliding animation finishes. but it feels like game doesnt let me jump while I slide it wants to finish animations after that I can jump. if you can fix that game would feel much better i think.


Weird, not that I had many people trying out the game before but none had that issue of not being able to jump while the animation is playing.

Maybe try changing the key, instead of SHIFT test it out with something else, might have to do with the keyboard.

Just finding it really weird, I will look into it since the freedom of movement is an important part to the game I dont want certain players to be stuck playing a certain way.