Plenty of changes

So, plenty of changes that people keep wanting after playing the game, seen from their videos or comments.

I'll just make a quick rundown list of it, probably forgetting some things:

  • outside of the cooldown, the you can KICK anytime. Right after a jump, while sliding, while shooting, etc... It no longer has a mind of its own
  • removed headbob when standing still, reduced when moving
  • training mode, now you can learn the map in a way that is not as intensive and draining as just playing the level normally. Timer and AI disabled so that you can take your time learning all of it, enemy and weapon location, type of enemies, paths and keys, objectives, etc...
  • RAGE boost, after killing half the enemies the you can activate a small boost that grants immortality and 3x the damage. It lasts around 5 seconds so consider it a "Out of Jail" card for when you really need it.
  • some redesign on the levels
  • more tutorials
  • barrels
  • and some other stuff


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Jun 05, 2019

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